Tenancy Agreement

At Homes 4U Property Services, we prepare the tenancy agreement for you. Our professionals create an assured shorthold tenancy, which is the industry norm and entitles the landlord to possession of the property at the end of the fixed term. The tenancy agreement sets out in detail the areas of responsibility of the tenant and the landlord. It also clarifies what can and cannot be done to the property and who is liable for repairs and damage, maintenance, and utility-type charges.

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Signing the Agreement

The signing of a tenancy agreement is not sufficient in itself to regain possession of your property. We prepare various Housing Act notices, which can also be served in conjunction with the tenancy agreement. Execution of all documents, both initially and on any renewals, is all part of the service that we provide. The tenancy agreement needs to be signed by the landlord, so an appointment will be made to be mutually convenient.

House and Keys

Important Details 

With all tenancies, the minimum initial period is normally a six-month let and the maximum we advise at any one time is twelve months. Renewals can be for any length of time, however for control purposes we would only advise a twelve month maximum. You can learn more about details about landlord fees and rentals here.

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