Assessing Property in the South East

Receive detailed property valuations and advice from Homes 4U Property Services. Based in Manston, Kent, we know that presentation is very important from a wealth of experience. It is vital that your property attracts the right kind of attention, and offering a well-presented home is a great start.

Tips for Your Benefit 

The following tips have been prepared as a helpful guide for you. These include: 

  • Neutral Decor Works Best
  • Remove All Clutter
  • Painted Surfaces Are Easier To Maintain Than Wallpaper
  • Professional Cleaning Throughout The Property
  • Gardens Should Be Neat and Tidy
  • Refrigerators and Freezers Should Be Turned Off and Doors Left Open

A Welcoming Atmosphere 

If your property is to be left unoccupied, place the heating on a low setting (10-12 degree celsius) depending on the time of year. Also, be sure to place static air fresheners around the property to keep your home smelling clean. This provides a welcoming atmosphere for potential tenants and could make all of the difference as to whether they rent your property.

Property Assessments 

Your property assessment is carried out when one of our experienced representatives visits the property to carry out an initial inspection. All of the relevant details are discussed in greater detail with you and you are able to ask questions that you may have along with any particular concerns. This service provided is free and without any obligation.

Attracting Potential Buyers 

There is demand for both furnished and unfurnished properties. Furnished properties tend to appeal to companies, professionals, and students. Unfurnished properties hold greater appeal to families who have accumulated their own possessions over the years. If the property to be let is furnished, it is essential that everything is shown to a high standard. The better the standard and presentation of the furnishings, the greater the opportunity for maximising the rent achievable.

Key Essentials 

All properties should have curtains and floor coverings, such as carpets, vinyl, or laminated floor. All property to let must have an EPC before it can be advertised; this is required by law. If the property has a garden, you must also supply suitable equipment for maintaining the garden. For furnished properties, there are additional regulations that must be adhered to that include furniture and fittings. When you have a furnished property to let, you must provide everything that is needed to live there, excluding personal items such as:

Bedding, Cutlery, Crockery, Television and Stereo Equipment

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